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Fund Name
Aaron Marks Foundation Fund
AB Club Scholarship Foundation Fund established by John D. Wardlaw
Abel Family Fund
Abraham and Lina Solomon Fund
Acacia Zawadi Fund
Accelerate Success Fund
Adam P. and Cynthia F. Cohen Fund
Adelaide L. Thomson Fund
Alan and Peggy Mendelson Fund
Alan E. Green Hartford Housing Authority Scholarship Fund
Albert and Elizabeth Bourget Fund
Albert T. and Jane N. Dewey Fund
Aldo DeDominicis Scholarship Fund
Alexander & Alice C. Jarvis Fund
Alexander Bunce Fund
Alex and Wendy Vance Fund
Alfred G. Mason Fund
Alfred G. Nye Fund
Alfred M. Archer Fund
Alice A. Harder and Harriett S. Olzendam Fund
Alice A. McCurry Fund
Alice and Harold Dillon Fund
Alice Barlow Fund
Alice F. Holmes Fund
Alice M. Neenan Memorial Scholarship Fund
A. Lindsay Thomson Fund
Alison and Nathaniel Howe Fund
Allen Family Fund
Alliance Française of Hartford Harpin/Rohinsky Scholarship Fund
Alvord Family Fund
Alyce F. and David H. Hild Fund
American Eagle Financial Credit Union Fund
American Marketing Association-Connecticut Chapter, Anna C. Klune Memorial Scholarship Fund
Amiel P. Zak Public Service Fund
Amiel P. Zak Scholarship Fund
Amistad Foundation Fund
Andover Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Andover Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Andrew M. Schatz and Barbara F. Wolf Fund
Angie L. Burr Fund
Anna and Abraham I. Savin Fund
Anna and Isaac Weintraub Fund
Anna F. and David W. Clark Fund
Anna Hammons Fund
Anna M. Greenspon Memorial (from Charles Greenspon) Fund
Anna Sanders Friedman Fund
Anne A. Conklin Fund
Anne Hatheway Clarke Fund
Anne P. and Andrew Pinto Fund
Anne Stanback and Charlotte Kinlock Fund
Ann M. Jainsen Fund I
Ann M. Jainsen Fund II
Ann M. Jainsen Fund III
Ann M. Kane Fund
Anonymous (CF01) Fund
Anonymous (CF02) Fund
Anonymous (CF03) Fund
Anonymous (CF04) Fund
Anonymous (CF05) Fund
Anonymous (CF06) Fund
Anonymous (CF08) Fund
Anonymous (CF11) Fund
Anonymous (CF12) Fund
Anonymous (CF13) Fund
Anonymous (CF19) Fund
Anonymous (CF20) Fund
Anonymous (CF21) Fund
Anonymous (CF22) Fund
Anonymous (CF24) Fund
Anonymous (CF25) Fund
Anonymous (CF26) Fund
Anonymous (CF27) Fund
Anonymous (CF28) Fund
Anonymous (CF30) Fund
Anonymous (CF32) Fund
Anonymous (CF33) Fund
Anonymous (CF34) Fund
Anonymous (CF35) Fund
Anonymous Fund
Anonymous No. 12 Fund
Anonymous No. 1 Fund
Anonymous No. 2 Fund
Anonymous No. 38 Fund
Anonymous No. 3 Fund
Anonymous No. 41 Fund
Anonymous No. 42 Fund
Anonymous No. 45 Fund
Anonymous No. 46 Fund
Anonymous No. 48 Fund
Anonymous No. 4 Fund
Anonymous No. 50 Fund
Anonymous No. 52 Fund
Anonymous No. 7 Fund
Anonymous No. 9 Fund
Anthony J. and Lucille A. Diorio Fund
Anthony S. and Evelyn L. Hulme Charitable Fund
Antoinette Shippen Mason Scholarship Fund
Antonio S. and Sarina Camilleri Memorial Fund
Anzie O. Glover Memorial Fund
Archibald M. Woodruff, Jr. (given by his wife Barbara ...) Fund
Arlene and Daniel Neiditz Fund
Arline and Joseph L. Baum Fund
Arman G. and Betty A. Hatsian Scholarship Fund
Arnold and Julian Goldstein Fund
Arnold E. and Mary I. Carlson Fund
Arnold P. and Betty Jeanne Thompson Fund
Arnold W. Nelson, Barbara O. Nelson and June Billingham Nelson Fund
Aronson Family Fund
Arthur and Ann Randall Fund
Arthur and Hope E. Scattergood Fund
Arthur C. Ellsworth Fund
Arthur C. Getchell Fund
Arthur E. and Elizabeth H. Webster Trust 1
Arthur E. and Elizabeth H. Webster Trust 2
Arthur J. White Fund
Arthur T. and Barbara L. Anderson Fund
Artists Collective Fund
Arwen and George Norman Family Fund
ASK Endowment Fund fbo Hartford Art School
Astrid and Fred Hanzalek Fund 1
Aubrey M. Seppa Memorial Scholarship Fund
Augusta R. Rubin Fund
Avon Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Avon Greater Together Community fund - Endowed
Barbara A. and Elijah K. Hubbard Fund
Barbara and Ted Sergi Fund
Barbara and William Podann Fund
Barbara B. Preston Fund
Barbara C. Newcomb Fund
Barbara Kelco Memorial Scholarship Fund
Barbara M. Crampton Fund
Barbara Mordarski Bartucca and Peter J. Bartucca Scholarship Fund
Barbara P. Poppe and Harry B. Poppe Memorial Fund
Barbara S. Morley Memorial Fund
Bartlett Family Scholarship Fund
Barton W. Pease Memorial Fund
Basic Human Needs Grantmaking Fund
Beatman-Cantarow Fund in Memory of Dr. Walter D. Cantarow
Beatrice D. Clapp Fund
Belle K. and Irving S. Ribicoff Fund
Benjamin L. Holland Fund
Bernard and Millie G. Ellovich Fund
Bernard Blum Fund
Bernard S. Vinick Fund
Bert and Betty Rosen Scholarship Fund
Bertha S. Barrar Fund
Bertram A. Johnson Fund
Beth Schiro Fund
Betty and Henry Roberts Fund
Betty and John Larus Fund
Beverly and Arnold C. Greenberg Fund
Beverly Beach Eaton and Edward C. Eaton, III Fund
Bill and Maxine Schortman Scholarship Fund
Black Giving Circle Fund
Blanche W. Johnson Fund
Bloomfield Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Bloomfield Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Bloomfield Scholarship Fund
Boardman F. Lockwood Fund
Boccaccio Family Trust
Bolton Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Bolton Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Bonzagni and Thomas Families Scholarship Fund
Boo, Brett, Martha (Beale), and Wade Vianney Fund
Borges Family Fund
Boyle Family Fund
Brad and Don Noel Family Fund
Bradford E. Parker Fund
Brenda C. and Martin J. Geitz Family Fund
Brewster B. and Judith Perkins Fund
Brian A. Aselton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bruce and Dorothy B. Ralston Field of Interest Fund
Bruce and Molly O'Neill Louden Fund
Budd Family Fund
Canton Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Canton Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Carl J. DuPre Fund
Carlotta Hammitt Fund
Carl P. Palazzotto "P.M.A." Scholarship Fund
Carl W. and Julia Jainsen Memorial Fund
Carol and Edward Wrobel Family Fund
Carol Childs Memorial Fund
Caroline and John Rohrbach Fund
Caroline De Lamater Fund
Caroline E. Currie Fund
Caroline V. Moran Memorial Fund
Carolyn Talcott Fund
Carroll Family Fund
Cartin Family Foundation Fund
Catalyst Endowment Fund
Catharine W. Reid Scholarship
Catherine Maus Wright Fund
Catherine M. Kornas Fund
Catherine Sullivan Shay and William Desmond Shay Fund
Chapman Family Fund
Charles A. and Cornelia Catlin Gilbert Fund
Charles A. and Ruth H. Tucker Fund
Charles A. Hunter Trust
Charles, Alice (Murray) and Cheryl A. Heilig Fund
Charles and Doris Bryan Fund
Charles and Mildred White Fund
Charles B. Cook Fund
Charles E. and Mildred Rauch Fund
Charles F. Chase, Helen Bourne Chase & Genevieve Chase Hewes Fund
Charles H. Hamlin, M.D. Fund
Charles J. Woods Fund
Charles L. Heath Trust
Charles P. Cooley, Jr. Fund
Charles S. Bissell Fund
Charles, Sophie and Helen Fine Family Fund
Charles W. Deeds Fund
Charlotte E. Wile Fund
Cheney Family Fund
C. Henry and Mary E. G. Olmsted Fund
Chester H. Munson Fund
CHS Endowment Fund
Clara G. Bartlett Fund
Clara M. Goodman Estate Fund
Clarence L. Prickett Fund
Clark Family Fund
Clifford and Joan Burdge Fund
Clinton B. Yeomans Fund
CohnReznick Scholarship Fund
Col. Harry L. Perkins Fund
Col. William E. A. Bulkeley Fund
Community College Scholarship Endowment Fund
Connecticut Council for Philanthropy Endowment Fund
Connecticut Hispanic Bar Association Fund
Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Social Affairs Fund
Connecticut Radio Information Service (CRIS) Endowment Fund
ConnectiKids Endowment Fund
Connor Scott Zieky Fund
Cora Lee Bentley Radcliffe Memorial Fund
Cornelia Gross Fund
Covenant Preparatory School Endowment Fund
COVID-19 Response Fund
CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Endowment Fund
CRE Investors Fund
Curtis H. and Katharine G. Alvord Fund
Daniel R. DiNardi Memorial Scholarship Fund
Daniel W. Murphy Fund
Daphne G. Fuller Fund
David and Helen B. Kaplan Fund
David, Ellie and Jim Venneman Family Fund
David H. Neiditz Memorial Fund
David L. Coffin, Jr. Memorial Fund
David L. Francis and Sarah W. Francis Fund
David M. Hatheway Fund
David T. Black Memorial Fund
Day Pitney LLP Scholarship Fund
DeBell Family Fund
Deborah and Steven Kleinman Fund
Debra and Ed Forand Family Fund
Debra J. Shulansky Family Fund
Deedee Segel-Hartford Courant Internship Fund
Dennis Hersh Humanitarian Fund
Diane Lynn Nappier Fund
D. Newton Barney Family Fund
Donald and Dorothy Bonelli Puerto Rican Education Fund
Donald and Linda Silpe Fund
Donald Brewer Memorial Fund
Donald K. Deitch Fund
Donald S. Gershman Family Fund
Donald W. and Dorothy D. Johnson Fund
Doris and Simon Konover Fund
Doris E. Larson Fund
Doris E. Whitbeck Fund
Doris E. Wiswell Trust
Doris M. Penndorf Literacy Advancement Fund
Doris S. Swift Fund
Dornenburg Design Christmas Gift Fund
Dorothea Fund
Dorothy and Alfred Silberman Chapel Fund
Dorothy Beers Fund
Dorothy C. Goodwin Fund
Dorothy D. Whitney (Mrs. Howard F.) Fund
Dorothy E. Hofmann Pembroke Scholarship Fund
Dorothy E. W. and James R. Parker Fund
Dorothy Godfrey Dillon Fund
Dorothy H. Leppens Fund
Dorothy H. Warner Fund
Dorothy Jennings Boyd Fund
Dorothy L. and Justin R. Tucker Scholarship Fund
Dorothy L. Rainford Memorial Fund
Dorothy Mason Russell Fund
Dorothy Yeomans Graulty Fund
Douglas J. Myers Scholarship Fund
Douglas Tracy Smith and Dorothy Potter Smith Fund
Douglas T. Smith & Dorothy P. Smith Fund - Wadsworth Atheneum
Dr. and Mrs. Burwell Dodd Fund
Dr. and Mrs. H. Gildersleeve Jarvis Fund
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Bunce Fund
Dr. Edythe and Mr. Albert Gaines Fund
Drew Charles Goulet Memorial Scholarship Fund
Drezner/Winkler Fund
Dr. Frank and Florence Marino Scholarship Fund
Dr. Nathan Harris Fund
Dr. Nicholas J. Piergrossi Memorial Scholarship Fund
D. Robert and Elizabeth Newell Fund
D. Robert and Elizabeth Newell Fund
Dr. Otto M. Hirschfeld Fund
Drs. Booker T. and Elena L. DeVaughn Scholarship Fund
Dr. Sidney Rafal Memorial Fund
Drs. Kola and Trudy Olofinboba Family Fund
Drs. Nima Patel and Daniel McNaughton Scholarship Fund
Duclos Family Charity Trust Fund
Dwight A. Hogg Fund
Earl W. Hodge Fund
East Granby Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
East Granby Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
East Granby Library Association Book Endowment Fund
East Hartford Greater Together Community Fund
East Hartford Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
East Windsor Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
East Windsor Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
E.C. Gilkeson Fund
Edgar Francis Waterman Fund
Edgar L. Ropkins Fund
Edith Chester Pelton Fund
Edith S. Hale Fund
Edith S. Steinhauser Fund
Edith W. and John Davis Murphy Fund
Edmond R. and Audrey M. (Svensk) Vianney Fund
Edouard L. Paradis Charitable Trust
Edward A. and Etta W. Suisman Fund
Edward B. and Mary Louise Bates Fund
Edward B. Lewis, III and Anne H. Lewis Fund
Edward C. and Mary W. Wilkins Fund
Edward H. Kenyon Fund
Edward J. and Marilyn D. Stockton Fund
Edward J. Whalen Fund
Edward K. Conklin Fund
Edward L. and Audrey B. Mahl Fund
Edward Raphael, Esther and Nathan Kleinman (from Minnie...
Edward R. Huckman Fund
Edwin L. Pearson Fund
Eleanor and Jerome Caplan Fund
Eleanor Carter Sloan Fund
Eleanor Ferguson Fund
Elena Haynes DeVaughn, Ph.D. Fund
Elisabeth R. Ohde Fund
Elizabeth C. Hatheway Fund
Elizabeth Dimick Fund
Elizabeth Glass Hoke Fund
Elizabeth Huntting Fund
Elizabeth Jones and H. Bacon Collamore, Jr. Fund
Elizabeth K. Steven Fund
Elizabeth N. Gregory Fund
Elizabeth O. Sturtevant Fund
Elizabeth Park Conservancy Fund
Elizabeth S. Hicks Fund
Elizabeth W. Stedman Fund
Ellen Jeanne Goldfarb Memorial Fund
Ellery Hurd Fund
Ellington Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Ellington Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Elliot Family Fund
Elmer Cooke Young-Ethel Taylor Young Scholarship Fund
Elsie B. Yeomans Trust
Elwyn V. and Elsie H. Harp Family Foundation Fund
Emily B. Thomson Fund
Emily W. Rankin Fund
Emma Katz, Sol & Nathan Glazer Memorial Fund
Enfield Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Enfield Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Eric Amenabar Memorial Scholarship Fund
Eric T. Mahoney Memorial Fund
Ethel Cushing Gardner Fund
Ethel S. Layton Fund
Ethel T. Larus Fund
Eugene R. and Sandra Flaxman Fund
Eugenie and Charles Granniss Fund 1
Eugenie and Charles Granniss Fund 2
Eva Kleman Fund
Evelyn L. Crosby Fund 1
Evelyn L. Crosby Fund II
Everett E. Arnold Fund
Fairview ALL IN Fund
Family Service Society Fund
Fan Fox Samuels (from Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Schiro) Fund
Fan Fox Samuels (from Mr. and Mrs. Richard Koopman) Fund
Fannie and Louis Weinstein (from their daughter ...)Fund
Fannie Estelle Hairston Fund
Fanny Mag Fassler and Victor Fassler Fund
Farmington Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Farmington Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Farmington UNICO Scholarship Fund
Farmington Valley Arts Center Fund
Farmington Valley Arts Center Fund, in memory of Stanley D. Fisher
Father Paul Wysocki and Family Fund No. 1
Father Paul Wysocki and Family Fund No. 2
Fechtor Family Foundation Fund
Filer Fund
Fiondella Family Trust
Flora G. Arons Fund
Florence and Charles Rubenstein Family Foundation Fund
Florence B. Brainard Fund
Florence H. and J. Donald Cohon Fund
F. Louise Griswold Fund
Fontana Family Scholarship Fund
Foundation for West Hartford Public Schools
FPA Connecticut Valley Chapter Scholarship Fund
Frances F. Ross Fund
Frances H. Jackson Fund
Frances S. Hennessy Fund
Frances Thayer Miller Fund
Frances Williams Fund
Francis and Mary A. Goodwin Memorial Fund
Francis J. and Agnes C. Muccio Fund
Frank C. and Agnes E. Griswold Fund
Frank E. Amidon Fund
Frankie and Bill Connelly Fund
Frank J. and Hilda Saunders Fund
Frank Kavitsky Fund No. 1
Frank Kavitsky Fund No. 2
Frank O. H. Williams Fund
Frazer B. and Barbara T. Wilde Fund
Frederick D. and Katherine W. Watkins Family Fund
Frederick Elbert Lewis Family Fund
Frederick G. Adams Scholarship Fund
Frederick L. Mitchell Fund
Fred H. Greenwood Engineering Scholarship Fund
Friends of New-Gate Prison Fund
Friends of Wood Memorial Library and Museum Endowment Fund
F. Russell Abell Fund
Fund for Early Childhood
Fund for Hartford's Camp Courant
Fund for the Deborah Eldridge Service Award of the Estate and Business Planning Council of Hartford
Fund in Honor of David Borden
Gail Ripley Fund
Gándara Family Fund
Garnett Gibbs Family Fund
Gavin Family Fund
General Scholarship Endowment Fund
Genevieve H. and James L. Goodwin Fund
Genevieve H. Goodwin Fund
Genevieve MacKenzie Fund
Gengras Family Fund
George A. Drieu Fund
George and Elizabeth Beach Capen Fund
George A. Scott Memorial Fund
George C. Capen and Elizabeth Beach Capen Trust
George F. Boardman Fund
George F. Stevens Education Fund
George G. Twitchell Fund
George H. and Constance Wolcott Mason Fund
George H. Gabriel Fund
George H. Gilman, Jr. Fund
George J. Sherman and Lottie K. Sherman Fund
George Kleman Fund
George L. and Helen C. Burnham Fund
Gerald and Phyllis Hughes Fund
Gerard H. and Marjorie M. Morrissey Fund
Germain D. and Patricia L. Newton Fund
Gertrude G. Lofgren Fund
Gertrude M. Meller Fund
Gifts of Music Fund
Gioconda B. McGettigan Fund
Gioconda B. McGettigan Fund for St. Rose Church
Gladys and Theodore Wielandt Fund
Gladys B. and Robert E. Dunn Designated Fund for the American School for the Deaf
Gladys B. and Robert E. Dunn Fund for Foodshare
Gladys B. and Robert E. Dunn Fund for Youth Leadership
Gladys C. Keeney Trust
Gladys T. and Robert B. August Fund
Glastonbury Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Glastonbury Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Glastonbury Memorial Scholarship Fund
Glenn Thomas Packard Memorial Fund
Gloria J. McAdam Fund for Foodshare
Godbout Family Foundation Fund
Good Family Fund
Goodman and Cecelia Banks Memorial Fund
Goodman/Loeb Family Fund
Goodwin Being Fund
Grace Church Restricted Fund
Grace D. Joley Fund
Grace Fitts Smith Fund
Grace J. F. Smith Fund
Grace M. Flynn Fund
Grace O. and Harold A. Merriman Fund
Grace R. Beardsley Fund
Grace S. Peck Fund
Granby Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Granby Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Granby Land Trust, Dimock Fund
Granby Land Trust, General Fund
Greater Hartford Architecture Conservancy
Greater Hartford Arts Council Fund
Greater Hartford Chapter AGO Fund
Greater Hartford Jaycees Fund
Gregory Shaskan Memorial Fund
Griebel Family Fund
Gustave and Lillian A. Fischer Fund
Gustave Fischer and Lillian A. Fischer Fund
Guy B. and Rita B. Fallow Fund
Guy C. and Anne T. Shafer Fund
Haig Shahverdian Scholarship Fund
Hands on Hartford Endowment Fund
Harold B. Waldo Fund
Harold L. and Marilyn Rothstein Fund
Harold L. Hart and Ethel B. Hart Foundation Fund
Harriet K. Maxwell Fund I
Harriet K. Maxwell Fund II
Harry A. Donn Scholarship Fund
Harry A. Shindler Fund
Harry E. Goldfarb Family Foundation Fund
Harry E. Goldfarb Family Foundation Fund II
Harry G. and Fannie S. Kaminsky Fund
Harry Jacobs Fund
Harry W. Lynn, Jr. Charitable Trust Fund
Hart-Coggeshall Fund
Hartford Art School, Inc. Special Fund
Hartford Foundation General Endowment Fund
Hartford Foundation Staff Fund
Hartford Grammar School Scholarship Fund
Hartford Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Hartford Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Hartford Partnership for Student Success
Hartford Renaissance District Fund
Hartford Rotary Arts for Youth Fund
Hartford Stage Fund
Hartford Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund
Hartford Whalers Booster Club Scholarship Fund
Hartman-Newfield Tobacco Company Fund
Harvey B. and Carrie W. Riggs Fund
H. Carl and Ruth Law Cramer Fund
Hebron Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Hebron Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Helen Griffith Fund
Helen H. Meade Fund
Helen L. McManus Estate Fund
Helen Lyde Wayne Fund
Helen W. Bigelow Fund
Helen W. Bush Fund
Helen Whittlesey Goodwin Fund
Heneghan Family Fund
Henrietta T. Shaw Fund
Henry D. Fowler Fund
Henry H. Walkley Fund
Henry M. and Ilse W. Spiegel Fund
Henry M. Zachs and Judith M. Zachs Fund
Henry P. and Margaret E. Townsend Fund
Henry R. and Katharine K. McLane Fund
Herbert J. Prouty Fund
Herb Sheintop Memorial Scholarship Fund
Herman and Marie Sonnenberg Trust Fund
Herman P. Kopplemann Fund
Herrman Family Foundation Fund
HFPG Promotion of Philanthropy Fund
Historical Society of Glastonbury Endowment Fund
H. Louise Ruddell Charitable Fund
H. Mansfield Horner Fund
Hoffman Family Fund
Howard and Bush Fund for Philanthropy
Howard and Mary Alice Spencer Fund
Howard Hunt Garmany Fund
Hugh M. Joseloff and Helen H. Joseloff Fund
H. Warren Lawrence Fund
Ida L. Hartenberg Charitable Fund
Ida P. Mason Fund
Ilene and Marty Kaplan Fund for PLAN of Connecticut
Ilene and Marty Kaplan Scholarship Fund
Ilg Family Fund
ImmaCare Endowment Fund
Immanuel Church Foundation for the Elderly Fund
Immanuel Congregational Church Mission Fund
Innovation Fund for Hands on Hartford
Iran Brugueras, Jr. SPLASH Fund
I. R. and Clara Blumenthal Fund
Irving Goldberg Latin Scholar Fund
Irving L. Gilman Family Charitable Foundation Fund
Isabel Hooker Merritt, Thomas Hooker, and Joseph K. Hooker Trust
Isidore Schnap Fund
I. William Reisman and Beatrice W. Reisman Fund
Jack B. and Jessie L. Feeney Fund
Jack D. and Ruth H. Taylor Fund
Jackie and Dollie McLean Family Fund
Jackson-Batchelder Family Fund
Jackson-Batchelder Family Scholarship Fund
Jacob and Mary Balgley Fund
Jacob Herman Greenberg Fund
Jacqueline and Frederic Werner Fund
James A. Jones Memorial Fund
James and Edith D. Taylor Charitable Foundation (in honor..
James and Florence Gertrude Haddow Fund
James and Marianne Crowley Fund
James B. and Beatrice D. Slimmon Fund
James B. and Julie Hovey Slimmon, Jr. Fund I
James B. Lyon Fund
James Christopher Conrad Memorial Fund
James D. Price Fund
James F. and Isabelle S. C. English Fund
James H. and Hetty B. Torrey Fund
James Jewett Fund
James L. and Genevieve H. Goodwin Fund
James McA. Thomson Fund
James S. and Lois A. Dailey Fund
J and L Chapman Charitable Fund
Janet and Michael Suisman Fund-C
Janet and Michael Suisman Fund-T
Janet B. Rose Memorial Scholarship Fund
Janet N. Fisk Fund for the Benefit of Windsor Independent Living Association
Janet S. Legrow Fund
Jane Z. Griggs Fund
Jan H. Fonteyne Memorial Scholarship Fund
Janice and Kerry Foster, Sr. Scholarship Fund
Janice Boyd Fund
Jay Williams Honorary Fund
JCJ Architecture Fund
Jean Allen Day Lowry Memorial Fund
Jean Edward and Mary Beach Shepard Fund
Jean McMillan Hemstreet Fund
Jean Sheldon Elmers Fund
Jennifer Hodges Fund
Jenny L. Spargo Fund
Jeri P. Kostiner Fund
Jerome H. and Elaine Title Lowengard Fund
Jessie A. Shipman Fund
Jessie F. Lovell Fund No.1
Jessie F. Lovell Fund No. 2
Jessie J. Haight Fund
J. F. Baker Fund
J. H. Kelso and Edith Brainard Davis Fund
Jim and Anne Carroll Fund
Jim and Marlene Ibsen Scholarship Fund
J. Leo Bodo Scholarship Fund
J. Noyes Crary Fund
Joan Bergmann Wilson Fund
Joan J. and Morton A. Blumenthal Fund
JoAnn and James Price Fund for Community Safety
JoAnne Bauer and Friends Fund
John and Barbara Donahue Fund
John and Laura Berman Fund
John and Rose Draghi Memorial Fund
John and Sondra Brittain Fund
John Avery and Elinor Houghton Bulkeley Ingersoll Fund
John Bell and Lawrence Thornton Scholarship Fund
John B. Larson Healthcare Worker Nourishment Fund
John Byrne Fund
John C. Ike and Middie Ike Memorial Scholarship Fund
John Dangas Fund
John David Creedon Fund
John D. Stout, Jr. Memorial Fund
John E. and Grace Ellsworth Fund
John E. Blair Fund
John E. Blair Fund for the Visually Impaired
John E. Ellsworth Fund
John E. Ellsworth Fund, for the Symphony Society
John F. McLaughlin Fund
John H. and Eleanor L. Beardsley Fund
John H. Lewis III Scholarship Fund
John J. Padbury Memorial Fund
John L. Cadwell Trust Fund
John M. K. Davis & Mignon Foerderer Davis Fund for Duncaster
John M. K. Davis & Mignon Foerderer Davis Fund I
John M. K. Davis & Mignon Foerderer Davis Fund II
John O. and Harriet Enders Memorial Fund
John R. and Joan K. Berthoud Fund
John R. Cates Fund
John R. Cook Trust
John R. Hart and Pauline Davidson Hart Fund
John R. Lindberg Fund
John S. Garvan Fund
John Talcott Whitman and Louise H. Whitman Fund
John W. Buck Fund
John W. Steube Fund
Jonathan's Dream Endowed Fund
Jon O. and Martha S. Newman Fund
Josef and Anastasia Kalvoda Fund
Joseph A. Zita Fund
Joseph F. Reheiser Fund
Joseph J. and Josephine L. Bardani Fund
Joseph L. Shulman Fund
Joseph P. Trumbull Trust Fund
Joseph R. and Mary P. Ensign Memorial Fund
Joseph T. Hall Fund
Joseph W. Cunningham, Jr. Fund
Joseph Zisk Fund
Josh Wittenberg Memorial Scholarship Fund
Journey Found Endowment Fund
Joyce and Philip Acquaviva Fund
Joyce S. Heckman Fund
J. Read and Barbara H. Murphy Fund
J. Ronald Regnier Fund
Judith A. W. Wawro Fund
Judith L. Rozie-Battle, JD and Stanley F. Battle, PhD Family Fund
Judson T. Sr. and Virginia C. Pierson Fund
Julia K. McGovern Fund
Julia Spencer Thrall Fund
Julia S. Reynolds Fund
Julie E. Smith Fund, in memory of her family
Julie Veilleux Memorial Scholarship Fund
June Miller Rosenblatt Community College Scholarship Fund
June Miller Rosenblatt Scholarship Fund
Junior League of Hartford Endowment Fund
J. Warren Harper Fund
Karl C. Kulle Fund
Katharine A. Pinney Fund
Katharine Derr Barney Fund
Katharine Howes Wead Fund
Katharine Jacobus Fund
Katharine N. Johnson Fund
Katherine C. Childs Memorial Fund
Kathleen Palm and Joseph Devine Fund
Kathleen V. and William H. Smiley Fund
Keiller Family Fund
Kenneth R. Pietrasko Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kids' Education Fund
Kimberly Ann Porter Fund
Kiser Family Fund
KJ Foster Scholarship Fund
Konover Coppa Family Fund
Koopman Field of Interest Fund
Koopman Fund
Koopman Fund fbo Hartford Art School
Kristine Barbara Guest Memorial Fund
Kristin Kepner and Kimberly Kepner McCahill Memorial Scholarship Fund
Laird and Ann Mortimer Fund
Lastra Coolbrith Fund
Latham B. and Elizabeth H. Howard Fund
Latino Children's Fund
Latino Community College Scholarship Fund
Latino Endowment Fund
Laura E. Holcomb Fund
Laura G. and Paul E. Callanan Fund
Laurel M. Cohn Scholarship Fund
Lawrence J. Lunden Fund
Lawrence Wells Case and Florence Reid Case Memorial Fund
Lazarus Freckleton Fund
Leadership Greater Hartford Endowment Fund
Lebbeus F. Bissell Scholarship Fund
Lee and Margot Allison Fund
Leila C. Hunter Trust
Lena A. Burwell Fund
Leo and Sarah Nadelman Fund
Leo Bedrick Memorial Scholarship Fund
Leonard M. Troub Endowment Fund-C
Leonard M. Troub Endowment Fund -T
Leonard M. Troub Foundation, Inc. Trust, in memory of Staunton Williams
Leslie M. Stophel and Douglas J. Myers Fund
Lester E. Shippee Fund
Lewis and Sylvia Sheketoff Fund
Libbian and Jerry Cohen Fund
Lillian A. Fischer Fund
Lillian A. Johnson Fund
Lillian C. Donn Scholarship Fund
Lillian W. and William B. Welden Fund
Lilly Palmer Biscoe and Eloise Palmer Biscoe Mother/Daughter Fund
Lillys Crygier Fund
Lily Selitzky Fund
Linda J. Kelly Family Fund
Linda J. Kelly Family Scholarship Fund
Linda Starikov Singer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lisa and John Behan Family Fund
Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford Fund
Lodewyk A. and Annie R. Schryver Fund
Loretta K. Ingersoll Fund
Lottie M. Mahl Estate Fund
Louise A. Mahl Fund
Louise Cogswell Cushman Fund
Louise E. Keister Trust
Louise F. Reheiser Fund
Louise J. Klett Fund
Louise L. Sutton Fund
Louis Graham Fund
Lucille A. Diorio Fund
Luella C. Hale Fund
Lupariello Family Fund
Luther I. Barnard Fund
Lux Bond & Green Fund
L. Wynne Wister Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lyman B. and Judith P. Brainerd Fund
Lyon Fund
Mabel A. Burnham Fund
Mabel G. and Agnes Ripley Fund
Mabel H. P. Clark Trust No. 1
Mabel H. P. Clark Trust No. 2
Mabel Johnson Fund
MacLean Family Fund
Madelyn C. Hickmott Fund
Madoff Family Fund in Memory of Emily Madoff
Mae Passini and Juliet Anderson Memorial Fund
Magrieta L. and Sherwood S. Willard Fund
Malley Family Fund
Manchester Area Conference of Churches Endowment Fund
Manchester Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Manchester Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Margaret E. Honan Fund
Margaret E. Spellacy Fund
Margaret G. Grant Fund
Margaret H. Lindberg Fund
Margaret R. and Stanley B. Loucks Fund
Margaret Sage Mitchell Estate Fund
Margot and Lee Allison Fund
Maria Gonzalez Borrero Scholarship Fund
Maria Sanchez Fund
Marilda Gándara Fund
Marion and Ellsworth Grant Fund
Marion H. Chaffee Fund #1
Marion H. Chaffee Fund #2
Marion K. Harris Fund
Marion L. Kropp Fund
Mari Shinoda Scholarship Fund
Marjorie F. Hazen Trust
Marjorie F. Hazen Trust FOI
Marjorie G. Barrett Fund
Marjorie Jolidon Fund
Marjorie S. Caldwell Fund
Marks Family Fund
Marlborough Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Marlborough Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Mary A. Goodman Fund
Mary A. Huber Fund
Mary Baker Stanley Fund
Mary B. Hewes Fund
Mary C. Cofran Trust
Mary C. H. Coffin Fund
Mary E. Q. Walberg Fund
Mary Gay Creedon Fund
Mary G. H. Hoffer Fund
Mary Goodrich Jenson Fund
Mary Goodwin Fund
Mary Holden Stephenson Fund
Mary Jane Converse Fund
Mary J. Lee Fund
Mary Massa Trust
Mary M. Fowler Fund
Mary Paine Worthen Fund
Mary Pomeroy Wheeler Fund
Mary T. Morton Fund
Mary W. Edwards Charitable Fund
MassMutual Foundation for Hartford, Inc. Scholarship Fund
Mathew Caruso Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mathilde T. Kingsland Fund
Matilda and Beatrice Sudarsky Fund
Maxine Rothe Schortman Award
Maxwell M. and Ruth R. Belding Fund
McLean Foundation Endowment Fund
MCW Fund for Women and Children
Melicent Rawson Fuller Fund
Melinda and Paul Sullivan Fund
Melissa Joy Molin Memorial Fund
Melvin Weisman Title Fund
Merrow Family Fund
Merva Jackson Scholarship Fund
Message Center Beepers Fund
Meyer-Kimball Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michael and Elsa Daspin Suisman Fund
Michael and Janet Suisman Community Access Fund
Michael and Marjorie Wilder Fund
Michael and Naomi Cohen "Prophet Micah" Fund
Michael C. Beckanstin Fund
Michael R. and Deborah F. Bangser Fund
Mildred A. Cooper Fund
Mildred B. Grady Fund
Mildred C. Allison Fund
Mildred E. Cook Fund
Mildred E. Whitney Fund
Millard and Claire Pryor Fund
Millard Pryor Memorial Endowed Fund
Miller Family Foundation Fund
Milton and Frances Weinstein Fund
Mimi and Brendan Lynch Community College Scholarship Fund
Minnie Finesilver Cohn and Meyer Cohn Fund
Miriam E. and Leon H. Glazer Fund #1
Miriam E. and Leon H. Glazer Fund #2
Miss Ruth Scholarship Fund
M. Kesten Family Fund for Public Education
Mollie Slade Fund
Morgan Hanlon Alvord and Dorothy Deegan Alvord Memorial Fund
MorningStar Fund
Morris and Edith Mancoll Fund
Morton and Dinah Danseyar Family Foundation
Morton and Marilyn Elsner Fund
Moses B. and Ann Rosenauer Fund
Moses J. and Rachel Neiditz Fund
Moses Stern Memorial Fund
Mowell Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard H. Morrissey Fund-C
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard H. Morrissey Fund-T
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Winter Fund
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Murtha Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Lyndes B. Stone Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Watson Fund
Mrs. Beatrice Fox Auerbach (from her sister, Fannie Fox Samuels Fund
Mrs. Gladys Goodman Beckanstin Fund
Mrs. James G. Batterson Fund
Mrs. James Sage Coburn Fund
Mrs. Jane C. Allen Fund
Mrs. J. Moulton (Antoinette) Thomas Fund
Mrs. Kingsland Van Winkle Fund
Municipal Art Society Fund
Muriel and Gordon Wilson Fund
Muriel B. Neall Fund
Muriel S. and Gordon A. Wilson Scholarship Fund
Murtha Cullina LLP Scholarship Fund
M. V. and Lucinda S. Stempf Fund
Myron Parker Yeomans/Edward Myron Yeomans Family Fund
Nancy Bernstein Fund
Nancy Coleman Braender and W. Philip Braender Fund No. 2
Nancy Taft Rankin Fund
Natale and Norma Sestero Fund
Nathan Haverback Fund
Neal R. Seigel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Neil H. Pfanstiel Fund
Nelson Taintor, Jr. and Virginia Taintor Fund
Neville K. Brecker and Raymond W. Brecker Memorial Fund
Newington Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Newington Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Newington High School Class of 1983 Fund
Newton C. and Elsie B. Brainard Fund
Nicholas J. and Doris Giordano Endowment Fund
Nick Mayer Memorial Fund
Nina L. Hartin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Noble E. and Emma Belknap Lord Memorial Scholarship Fund
Norma and Natale Sestero Fund I
Norma and Natale Sestero Fund II
NSDAR - Marjorie P. Nutt Scholarship Fund
Nutmeg Foundation Fund, to honor John M. K. Davis
Oak Hill Endowment Fund
Old State House Fund
Olive L. Rudolph Fund
Oliver F. and Garnette T. Johnson Fund
Olivet Beckwith Fund
Olivia and Frederick Adams Fund
Olivia Joy Wentworth Memorial Fund
Online Community College
Opal Marie Zimmerman Memorial Fund (from her husband Charles)
Orr Family Fund
Oscar and Ruby T. Wegman Fund I
Oscar and Ruby T. Wegman Fund II
Oscar Wegman Trust
Pamela Churchill Fund
Paradiso Family Fund
Paternoster Family Fund
Patricia and Charles Walker Family Fund
Patricia H. Fitt Fund
Patricia L. Coombs Fund
Patricia L. Coombs Scholarship Fund
Patty Levaur Rome Fund
Paul and Mary Garofalo Fund
Paul B. and Elsa N. Cullen Fund
Paul H. Eddy and Elizabeth J. Normen Fund
Pauline H. Schwind Fund
Paul M. Butterworth Fund
Paul R. Buchanan Fund
Paul W. Morency Fund
Pearl M. Grandy Fund
Pearse Family Fund
Peggy and Alan Mendelson Fund
Peggy Miller Community College
Peter Culver Fund
Peter G. and Betsy Russell Fund
Peter T. Steinwedell Scholarship Fund
Peter Wertheim Memorial Fund
Philip and Dora Sondik Fund
Philip and Nancy Braender Scholarship Fund
Philip Partington Fund
Phillip I. Blumberg Fund
Phyllis Kosiorek Cordner and Roy R. Cordner Scholarship Fund
Pillar Community Development Corporation Scholarship Fund
Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of Connecticut, Inc. Fund
Plapler McMahon
Playhouse Theatre Group Endowment Fund
Pomeroy-Brace Fund
Pomeroy-Brace Scholarship Fund
Pomeroy Day Fund
Prasad Srinivasan Family Fund
Priscilla M. Usher Fund
Rabb Family Fund
Rabbi Morris and Althea O. Silverman Fund
Rae and Abraham Kopplemann Additional Fund
Rae H. Brewster Fund
Ralph J. Cocks Fund
Ralph M. and Ruth K. Shulansky Fund
R and C B Foundation
Ray-Andrews Fund in memory of Charles Henry Ray, Julia A. Ray, and James P. Andrews
Ray Lachat Memorial Award Fund
Raymond A. Gibson Fund
Raymond B. and Thelma C. Woodbridge Memorial Fund
Raymond H. Arnold Fund
Raymond H. Deck Family Fund in Memory of Kevin F. Deck
Raymond J. and Elizabeth C. Payne Fund
Raymond S. and Agnes M. French Memorial
Raymond W. and Cleo C. Grinold Fund
Ray Smith Endowment for Education and Conservation Fund
Reba and Arthur Nassau Fund
R. Eric and Winifred Hutchinson Family Fund
Rev. Philip W. Roberts Fund
Reynold F. and Sylvia N. Svensk Memorial Fund
Rhoda L. Miller Music Scholarship Fund
Richard and Alice Baxter Fund
Richard and Joanne Gates Fund
Richard B. Bulkeley Fund
Richard B. Redfield Memorial Fund
Richard D. Donchian Fund
Richard D. Wagner & Madeline/Lina F. Wagner Fund
Richard G. West Fund
Richard H. Gordon and the Gordon Family Fund
Richard L. and Virginia W. Hughes Fund
Richard M. Brett Fund
Richard Palmer Scholarship Fund
Richard P. Garmany Fund
Richard S. Allen Fund
Richard S. and Doris J. Griffith Fund
Richmond Memorial Library Endowment Fund
Rita Ann Gelinas Fund
Rita Ginsberg Fund
Ritter Family Fund
Ritter Family Scholarship Fund
Robbins Family Fund
Robert Allan Keeney Memorial Fund
Robert and Adriana Mnuchin Fund
Robert and Eleanor Balgley Fund
Robert and Elizabeth von Dohlen Fund
Robert and Mary M. Merritt Fund
Robert B. and Francine L. Goldfarb Family Scholarship Fund
Robert "Bobby" DiBella Fund
Robert C. Hall Fund
Robert C. Knox, Jr. Fund
Robert E. and Barbara W. Groundwater Fund
Robert E. Dunn Fund
Robert H. Schutz, Jr. Fund
Robert J. Patterson Scholarship Fund
Robert L. and Sara Marcy Cole Fund
Robert L. and Susan B. Aller Fund
Robert Lienhard Fund
Robert P. Butler Fund
Robert P. Letendre Fund
Robert P. Merritt Fund
Robert Salter, Jr. Fund
Robert Siskin Family Fund
Robert W. and Alice M. Barrett Fund
Robinson A. and Nancy D. Grover Fund
Roche M. and Jane C. Passero Fund
Rocky Hill Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Rocky Hill Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Roland S. Harris, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Rollin G. Plumb Fund
Ronald T. Black Memorial Fund
Roosa Family Scholarship Fund
Roxanne Beardsley Fund
Roxanne Cave Scholarship Fund
Roy S. Mason Fund
R. Philip and Rebecca C. Rose Fund
Russell and Virginia Foster Memorial Fund
Russell C. Morley Fund
Russell P. Taber Fund
Ruth and Walter Schloss Fund
Ruth B. Rouse Fund
Ruth D. Abbott Fund
Ruth Kellogg Fund
Ruth L. Spaulding Fund
Ruth S. Cloyes Trust
S. A. Johnson Family Fund
Sali Godard Riege Donor-Advised Fund
Sali Godard Riege Fund
Samuel A. Roth Scholarship Fund
Samuel C. and Helen K. Suisman Memorial Fund
Samuel C. Hardin Fund
Samuel E. Molod Family Fund
Samuel Leonard Joseph Memorial Scholarship Fund
Samuel M. Stone Fund
Samuel Roskin Trust
Samuel Suisman and Edward A. Suisman Fund
Sappington Schoen Family Fund
Sarah Conklin Smith Fund
Sarah W. Leibert Fund (from her son, Herbert A.)
Sara R. and Alan A. Dun Fund
Savin Family Fund
Scan-Optics, Inc. Fund
Schiro Fund
Schonberger September 11 Fund
Schwedel Family Fund
Seabury Employee Scholarship Fund
Sebastian E. Rosano and Carmelina A. Rosano Memorial Fund
Seidman Family Fund
Seymore and Ann Newman Memorial Fund
Sharon R. O'Meara Fund
Sharpless Family Fund
Sheldon J. Kahn Fund
Shepherd Monson Holcombe Fund No.1
Shepherd Monson Holcombe Fund No.2
Sherry L. Brown-Marfuggi Family Fund
Shirley M. and Edward H. Morgan Fund I
Shirley M. and Edward H. Morgan Fund II
Shirley S. Greenspon Fund
Shyaam Bachman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Shyamala Raman Scholarship Fund
Sidney J. Mass Fund
Sidney Schulman Fund
Sigma Pi Phi Beta Iota Boule Endowment Fund
Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Alpha Psi Boule Scholarship Fund
Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Alpha Psi Boule Scholarship Fund No.2
Simsbury Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Simsbury Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Simsbury Land Trust Richard A. Davis Endowment Fund
S. Joseph Ferla Fund
Skip Steiner Fund
Slimmon Fund for Arts Education
Smyth Manufacturing Company Fund
Somers Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Somers Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
South Asian Bar Association Endowed Fund
South Windsor Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
South Windsor Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
South Windsor Historical Society Endowment Fund
Stanley and Jean Frank Fund
Stanley D. and Hinda N. Fisher Fund
Stanley D. and Hinda N. Fisher Scholarship Fund
Stanley W. Vogel Family Fund
Stephen and Patricia Middlebrook Fund I
Stephen and Patricia Middlebrook Fund II
Stephen Benedetto Fund
Stephen M. and Amy Lynn Silverman Family Fund
Steven and Blanche Goldenberg Family Fund
Stillman B. and Joan E. Brown Fund
Stillman F. Westbrook Fund
Strategic Initiatives
Strategic Priorities Community Fund
Strategic Priority 1 Fund - Resident Engagement
Strategic Priority 2 Fund - Children and Families
Strategic Priority 3 Fund - Workforce Development
Sue W. and Robert C. Hector Fund
Suffield Greater Together Community Fund - CurrentUse
Suffield Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Sugarman Family Fund
Suisman Foundation, Inc. Fund
Susan Schiro Kominsky Fund
Suzanne M. and George Levine Fund
Sybil Ward Smith Memorial Fund
Sylvia H. Koski Scholarship Fund
Sylvia Parkinson Fund
Symee Ruth Feinberg Memorial Scholarship Fund
Talcott and Nina Stanley Fund
Ted and Ellen See Fund
Teresa and Carmela D'Esopo Fund
The Bluebird Fund
The Bridge Family Center Fund
The Community Caring Fund
The Connecticut Forum Endowment Fund
The Elizabeth M. Landon and Harriette M. Landon Fund
The Equality Fund
The Equistrides Fund
The Giving Tree Fund
The Harugari Lodge of Broad Brook Fund
The Interracial Scholarship Fund of Greater Hartford
The Lyman B. Brainerd Family Foundation Fund
The MGN Fund
The Middlebury Fund
Theodore C. and Marie J. Kyle Fund
The Olcott Damon Smith Fund
The Richard B. Fried Fund for AIDS Connecticut (ACT)
The Right Track Fund
The RMB Fund
The Shulansky Foundation Fund
The Spencer Turbine Foundation Fund
The Stearns Fund
The VRN Fund
The Walter S. Kapala Scholarship Trust
Thibadeau Family Fund
Thomas A. and Ann Hayes Shannon Family Memorial Fund
Thomas F. and Mary A. Cannon Fund
Thomas H. Lorch and Hollace Peterson Lorch Fund
Thomas J. Villano Scholarship Fund
Thomas K. Dodd Fund
Thomas L. and Dorothy Clark Archibald Fund
Thomas M. Meredith Fund
Thomas R. Barrett Fund
Thomson Family Fund
Timothy K. Chartier, MD Fund
T. Mitchell Ford Fund
Tolland Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Tolland Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Tom and Margah Lips Fund
Tom Tucker Memorial Fund
Toward a Sustainable Future Fund
Town and County Club Fund
Trumble Family Fund
Trumble Family Scholarship Fund
Tucker Family Scholarship Fund in Memory of Abraham H. and Fannie K. Tucker, David J. Tucker, Thelma (Tucker) Cooper and Robert P. Tucker
Tudor F. Holcomb Fund
United Nations Association of Connecticut (For Greater Hartford) Scholarship Fund
United Way, Inc. DBA United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
Valyn Gallivan Fund
Van Winkle Fund
Vartan K. Omartian and Beatrice Omartian Scholarship Fund
V. Edward Dent and Donald Blust Memorial Fund
Vernal M. Schnabel Fund
Vernon D. and Florence E. Roosa Family Foundation Memorial Fund
Vernon D. Roosa and Florence E. Roosa Fund
Vernon Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Vernon Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Veronica K. and John P. Kazlau Memorial Fund
Victor and Emma Robington Fund
Victor Fassler Fund
Vincent Villano Scholarship Fund
Vinel Edward Dent Memorial Fund
Virgil L. Hartzog Fund
Virginia D. Stoner Fund
Virginia Grace Loomis Memorial Fund for Literacy and Literature
Virginia Hicks Fund
Virginia Stuart Gray Fund
Vitamaur Fund
Wagoner Family Fund
Walter "Doc" Hurley Scholarship Fund for Greater Hartford
Walter H. Dickman Fund
Walter J. Dyber Fund
Walter K. Schwinn Fund
Walter O. R. Korder Fund
Warren C. Heidel Fund
Warren D. Chase Fund
Warren E. and Virginia P. Hayden Trust Fund
Warren E. Jackson and Jewell C. Jackson Fund
Wayne and Louise Mantz Family Fund
Weed Family Fund
Wendy and Boyd Hinds Memorial Scholarship Fund
Wendy F. Vance Trail Fund
Wesley I. Charter Fund
West Hartford Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
West Hartford Greater Together Fund - Current Use
Westley V. Thompson and Rosemarie E. Thompson Fund
Wethersfield Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Wethersfield Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Wethersfield Youth Services/Steven M. Salter Memorial Fund
White Oak Fund
Whittlesey & Hadley Fund
W. Howie Muir Fund
Wilbur B. and Margaret G. Crimmin Fund
Wilbur C. Stauble Fund
William and Alice Rupp Fund
William and Estelle Fraidowitz Family Fund
William C. Boardman Fund
William C. Russell Fund
William E. and Jacquelyn M. T. Glynn Fund
William G. and Mayme J. Green Fund (from Raymond B. Green)
William G. Gray Fund
William H. Bulkeley Fund
William H. Porter Fund
William Hunter Fund
William J. and Marcia H. Olsson Fund
William J. & Esther L. B. Sander-Anna E. Andersen Fund
William Kashman and Inez P. Kashman Fund
William Lidgerwood Fund
William M. Mulford Fund
William N. and Virginia C. Seery Fund
William P. and Anne A. Conklin Fund
William P. Haas Fund I
William P. Haas Fund II
William R. & Mazy Worthington Penrose & Nathalie
William Schortman and Maxine Rothe Schortman Fund
William S. Fuller Fund
William Sheffield Cowles Fund
Wilson and Ann Jainsen Fund
Wilson and Joanne Wilde Fund
Wilson Family Fund
Winchell Smith Fund
Winding Trails Endowment at the Hartford Foundation
Windsor Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Windsor Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Windsor Locks Greater Together Community Fund - Current Use
Windsor Locks Greater Together Community Fund - Endowed
Woman's Exchange of West Hartford Fund
World Affairs Council Connecticut Fund
Worth and Louise Loomis Foundation Fund
Worthington Family Fund
W. Philip Braender and Nancy Coleman Braender Scholarship Fund
W. Watson Woodford Fund
Wyman G. and Virginia Patten
Your Chance Scholarship Fund
Yvette Meléndez and Carl T. Chadburn Foundation Fund
Zachs Family Fund fbo Charter Oak Cultural Center
Zachs Family Fund fbo Real Art Ways
Zachs Family Fund for Hartford Stage
Zachs Family Fund for Oak Hill
Zachs Family Fund for the Bushnell Center for Performing Arts
Zachs Family Fund for the Chabad Jewish Center
Zachs Family Fund for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center
Zachs Family Fund for the Connecticut Historical Society
Zachs Family Fund for the Hartford Symphony Orchestra
Zachs Family Fund for the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
Zachs Family Fund for Trinity College Hillel
Zachs Family Fund for UConn Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
Zammitti Family fund